Bend, Oregon has quickly become one of the best places in America to live in. Latitude 44 Realty has been a part of the Bend community for as long as we’ve been around, and as locals, we know each of the pieces that contribute to the greatness that is Bend. If you’re considering moving to the area, then you should be aware of these benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when moving to the area.



Who would we be if we didn’t start off by mentioning the beautiful nature that you’re surrounded by when you move to Bend. Surrounded by mountains, Bend offers all sorts of activities for you to enjoy in the outdoors, all year long. You can enjoy both water and snow sports all in the same area. So, if you love skiing but also want to spend time hiking, move to a place where you can get and appreciate both!



So many states don’t experience all of the seasons, which is a perk for some. If you are the person that wants to enjoy all of the seasons, then Bend is one of the places that you should consider moving to! We enjoy full seasons which is Bend offers so many activities for the locals to enjoy. One thing you should be cognizant of though is that we do get quite a bit of snow. There are some winter’s that get as much as 2-feet of snow a year!



If you read our last blog, you know that Bend is home to dozens of delicious restaurants that provide you with an eclectic taste of the area. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here a year, lived here a decade or you’re just passing through, almost all of our restaurants will wow you and leave you happy that you stopped in. What’s better is that you can continue to try new foods on the menu each time that you visit.



Breweries have been popping up across the country, but some of the best beers are made in Oregon. What’s better is that you can visit these breweries since you’re living in the area. Ride your bike into town and enjoy beers fresh from the tap. Sit on the patio and read a book or hang out with friends and a pup. All of the breweries make for a great way to spend your weekends.



If beer isn’t your thing, that’s okay too, because we have tons of breweries that you can stop by and try! Some of the most popular brands of wine actually are made right here in Bend, including Naked Wines. No matter how many times you’ve tried a bottle of wine in the bottle, you can never compare it to how delicious it is fresh from the vineyard.


Diverse Culture

One of the beautiful things about living in the area is that there is an incredibly diverse culture. When living in Bend, you will get exposure to all types of people, varying in age, gender, culture and personality type. Everything about this makes for a great culture and environment to spend time in and meet new people. It also means that we welcome all to the area!


Great Economy

Finding a job that can support your living style is tough in many states. Think of Colorado with a booming real estate market but an economy that struggles to support the living circumstances. Same with California. Bend offers many living options and an economy with plenty of jobs to take advantage of. For that reason, we do see a lot of people that are eager for jobs heading over to the area, contributing to our younger demographic.



With so many different things that we have to offer here at Bend, it makes sense that there’s plenty of tourism around the area. That means that we do experience quite a bit of tourism during some of our busier seasons. Seasonal jobs are something that we are able to offer for people that are looking for jobs that do allow them to work hard and play hard. If you’re just stopping by momentarily or you’re wanting to come by and visit, there are plenty of tourism opportunities.


Stop By and Visit Bend

If you’re eager to stop by and see some of these things for yourself, then it’s time to schedule your visit to the area so that you can see for yourself just how amazing Bend really is. There’s always something to come and experience, so don’t take too long to book your next stay!

If you’re looking for a home in the Bend area, you can count on Latitude 44 Realty to help. Our realty team has years of experience in the area and can answer all the questions that you have about living in the are. Reach out to us today to start your search!