1. Common Myths In Home Buying

    Congratulations! You’re ready to embark on the journey of buying a house. You may be working yourself up with question after question, and going over all of the things you feel you need to consider in your head. Take a breath. At Latitude 44 Realty, our real estate experts are here to make sure yo…Read More

  2. A Summer in Bend, Oregon

    Summer is in full swing here in Bend, Oregon. If you’re new to the area, welcome! We are so excited that you are finding a new home here and we can’t wait for you to discover all of the marvelous secrets that this town has to offer. Though you can find all sorts of novelty places and events year…Read More

  3. Benefits to Living in Bend

    Bend, Oregon has quickly become one of the best places in America to live in. Latitude 44 Realty has been a part of the Bend community for as long as we’ve been around, and as locals, we know each of the pieces that contribute to the greatness that is Bend. If you’re considering moving to the ar…Read More

  4. Hiring A Latitude 44 Realtor

    When buying a new home or selling your existing home, it’s common to wonder, “do I really need a real estate agent?” While it is not a requirement to have one, realtors are incredibly valuable assets that you want in the process of buying or selling a home. Latitude 44 Realty is dedicated to y…Read More

  5. Great Places to Eat in Bend

    Bend is a great town to be living in, and the food that’s available throughout town only contributes to that statement. At Latitude 44 Realty, our first priority is to find you the home of your dreams, but our second is to make sure that you see all of the value in the area that you live in — th…Read More